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...A week-end filled with excerts from the NoMute and Trondheim Matchmaking festival/conference October 2006 and NOISE music.

Stream featuring:

Alex Mesker, Autechre

Alex Mesker, Macquarie University, Australia: “Musical analysis through reconstruction: Methods for discussing the music of Autechre”.


Andreas Bergsland, speach in music

Andreas Bergsland, scolarship holder, Trondheim Voice transformations in electroacoustic music A doctoral project in its initial phase; ...


Anna Notaro, bodies in cyberculture

Anna Notaro, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, UK: “Bodies in cyberculture”


Arthur Gansson,

Arthur Ganson, USA: ”Systems of movement”


Stijn Schiffeleers / Hendrik Leper: ”Boutique Vizique”

Stijn Schiffeleers / Hendrik Leper, Belgium: boutique, dustbunnies


Guro Rønnningsgrind: John Cages Variations V

Guro Rønningsgrind, NTNU, Norway: “Composer decomposed : a discussion of John Cages Variations V (1965)” Guro Rønningsgrind, about John Cage


Henrik Marstrander, ”Table projected music-software with physical interaction”

Henrik Marstrander, UiO, Norway: ”Table projected music-software with physical interaction” Watch Henrik Marstranders blog for details:


Jon-Olav Eikenes and Marie Wennesland: Multi-touch soundlines - A multi-touch table for manipulating sound samples

Jon-Olav Eikenes and Marie Wennesland, Arkitektur- og Designhøgskolen i Oslo, UiO, Norway : ”Multi-touch soundlines - A multi-touch table for manipulating sound samples”. Soundlines - about the touch table for sound samples

Paul Lansky, The evolution of an idea.

Paul Lansky, Princeton Univ., USA: “The evolution of an idea.”.


Pure: The Heart Chamber Orchestra

Pures' website "The grand finale of this years Matchmaking is HCO –Heart Chamber Orchestra; an audiovisual concert and performance with the artist duo Terminalbeach and the Trondheim Sinfonietta. Equipped with heart-beat sensors, 12 classical musicians send signals to a custom made computer program for composing and visualization. In turn this program generates the score the musicians play. The emerging music develops dynamically through the concert, resulting in a piece that can never be repeated. The project was initiated and produced by TEKS -Trondheim Electronical Arts Centre, and has it’s world premiere at Trondheim Matchmaking 2006. "



Stelarc, Australia: Alternative anatomical architectures Stelarcs' website


Tor Halmrast: Sound and Art-Installations

Tor Halmrast, UiO, Norway: Sound and Art-Installations Tor Halmrasts' website
Aqueduct cd


Vesa Välimäki: “Recent Advances in Physics-Based Sound Synthesis of the Pian and Vesa Välimäkis' website Vesa Välimäki, HUT, Finland: “Recent Advances in Physics-Based Sound Synthesis of the Piano” and “Towards physics-based control and sound synthesis of multi-agent systems: Application to synthetic hand clapping” Another lecture about ”Physical modeling of the guqin a Chinese string instrument” is not covered here.





Øvind Brandtseggs' website, The Flounder, Sound installation in Inderøy, Norway 2006-2016
The band Kroyt

Other artist

Music by Matt Heckert, Mechanical Sound Orchestra, a compilation of recordings from performances in Europe and USA 1992-1994.


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