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Music-links and cv for Monica Ruud:

prepearing drums


Kakke og DeMonica

Debut CD-ep: TRYNE
A big happy cod fish with pink lipstick has eaten a smaller cod fish not so happy who has eaten a small sad cod with nerd glasses

Svare(t) live in Trondheim May 1. 2010 at Fru Lundgrens

Video by OndeOrm

blurred image of two long haired persons one with guitar and one with drums
Kakke og DeMonica on Myspace (Norwegian text)
Started at the end of 2008. Here I play the drums, sing backing vocals and write some lyrics and a couple of melodies.

Bøyen Beng

On stage in Oslo may 2008
Bøyen Beng, Myspace My first concert drumming with Bøyen Beng was December 2007


Tarantella has the song "The Sea" for sale on Itunes 
Drawing of the band

I have played the drums/synth on-and-off since 2000. Have started to write lyrics. Visit Tarantellas' home page and Tarantella (MySpace)

Cranium Duo

Cranium Duo logo: 
Image of a skull looking at itself in a mirror so it becomes a duo...
width = Home noise project. Cranium Duo, MySpace

Previous band projects (drums/synth)

Dr. Kurt (Røm fra valium cd), Screwed (demo), Cybele (Brightly Blackhearted cd and Songs of Soil cd), Cranium Duo (Home noise project), Tarantella (demo), Origami Galactica (Esti lilled silmad suda lp/cd)... Lasts for 5 minutes.


Brightly Blackhearted cd 1997, Songs of Soil cd 1999. Picture of the band

Cybele (Myspace)

Origami Galactica

Origami Galactica, Esti lilled silmad suda double ep 1998, re-released cd 2001.

Sound engineering and sound studies:

At work with headphones and mixer

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